How Does It Work?

Before publishing his or their research, authors must follow a set of processes and guidelines. In a nutshell, the three steps that every author or publisher must take in order to publish their research are outlined below.

Step -1 Register A Free Account in Trishnaah

Go to the Account Page or click the link below to create an account on Trishnaah’s website.

Step -2 Submit Your Research paper For Initial Review

To check whether your research paper is eligible for publication, you must first submit it for the initial evaluation by entering it into your Trishnaah registered account.

Step -3 Complete your Payment

If you receive an email stating that your research is eligible for publication after initial screening, you will be directed to make a payment link to begin the publishing process  of  INR 5000 . If your research is not eligible to be published, you will receive a rejection email.

OverView Of the Process

  • If you are a first time author kindly register. After registration you will get a confirmatory mail. Click on the link given in the registered mail. Now you are ready to login

  • Enter your user name and password to login subsequently.

  • Please download guidelines for authors and copyright declaration by clicking on the button above or by clicking here.

  • All authors should mandatorily fill the copyright page, sign Scan and upload along the paper. No papers are accepted without this.

  • The template guidelines are available to dowlnoad in the downloadable button above or you can download them by clicking here. Please strictly follow them to avoid delay in considering your articles.

  • Once you submit your paper, an initial review will be conducted and publishing eligibility/ rejection will be intimated in a 7 to 10 days. The acceptance may be 1. As it is 2. Resubmit with correction 3. Rejected

  • Once it is accepted “as it is” or “accepted with corrections” the author should pay Rs 5000 as publishing charges.

  • It may take 6 to 8 weeks to send acceptance by the reviewers. The status of your publication is updated in the website. The reviewer’s comments are also available in the website. Once you make correction as per reviewers comments it will be send back to reviewer again. This process may happen couple of times.

  • The paper will be available in the website as open access.